Trippy Quilt #5 – Purple, Peach and Yellow – Quilt Reveal

Trippy Quilt in Mellifluous fabrics

Done, done and DONE! It’s been a while since I made a Trippy quilt, but for the past two weeks, I’ve been doing exactly that.

If you missed my progress post on this one, you can find it here.

Trippy is a part of the Scrappy Pattern Pack (3 quilt patterns), you can find it available here.

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About the Quilt

Just to recap, this one was a commissioned quilt. The purchaser chose the color palette and I got to pick the fabrics.

It’s all purples, plums, lavenders, peaches, yellows and a smidgen of gold.

We created a similar bundle over at Meander + Make called Mellifluous. It’s enough fabric for the quilt top to make it in the 60″ square size.

I quilted this one with just a basic meander. It’s such a busy quilt and it makes it hard to see the quilting anyway, so I thought it would be best. It crinkled up so nicely.

All the fabrics I used in this quilt were mostly pulled from my stash. It’s one of my favorite things about this quilt. It just needs WOF strips. It’s a great to use up smaller pieces leftover from your half yards.

Quilt Details:

PatternTrippy Quilt

Size – 60×70″ – The pattern comes with directions for making the 60″ square size, but also gives you instructions for enlarging it. You only need an extra 6 blocks to make it this size.

Style – Trip Around the World quilt

Top Fabrics – My stash, but this bundle is very similar.

Backing Fabrics – Daydream in Champagne

BindingWide Stripe White

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing

Finishing TechniquesMeander free motion on a domestic, Machine Ditch binding

Skill Level – Advanced Beginner

Label Found here

Thanks for reading along! I hope you have a lovely weekend. 🙂


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