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Migration Quilt #5 – Liberty and Gold – Quilt Reveal


Migration in Liberty + Gold

It seems I forgot to post about this when I finished it in late January. An easy breezy quilt it was and perfect for taking care of those scraps, which it did. This one has a bit more cohesion to it than some of my prior versions and it’s been all done in Liberty’s Tana Lawn, so it’s slinky and luxey feeling.

If you missed my “progress” post on this one, you can find it here.





About the Quilt

As I talked about in the progress post, this quilt was a WIP from last summer, languishing in the studio and collecting dust. I only finished it when I did because I had plans to gift it. I don’t remember my thoughts on on the fabric or what color scheme I was going for. And so I ended up doing this little ombre number that I can’t think of a time I’d done before. I ended up really loving the look. Not really my colors, but still that very feminine frumpy vibe I always end up getting from my quilts.

The Tana Lawn is slinky and buttery smooth. I couldn’t help rubbing it against my cheeks.

The quilting though, while it is texture scrumptious, I really dropped the ball on. I did a lovely little design of puff flowers and toothpaste swirls. It was time consuming and I spent more time quilting this baby up than I have on another quilt in a long time. All of it seems wasted though looking at my pictures. You can’t see it at all.

The fabrics are so busy, the design is just lost. Note to self: Simple quilting on busier quilts.






I think it has a granny vibe to it too, especially in the darker colors. I’m loving it! I used the Watercolors Pink wide back fabric for backing (it seemed made for it), but calmed everything down with a nice solid binding. I machine stitched this one because of the time crunch.




Quilt Details:

PatternMigration Quilt (pattern within Scrappy Pattern Pack)

Size – 60×72″

Top Fabrics – Liberty Tana Lawn from here and the gold is Cotton Couture Gold

Backing FabricsWatercolors Pink

BindingPure Peach Sherbet

Batting Warm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter in baby pink for quilting

Finishing Techniques –  free motion quilting on domestic, ditch binding

Skill Level – Beginner

Label Found here






Every time I make Migration quilt I’m always ready to make another. I’d like to do another ombre version where the background is shades of gold and the tiny butterfly triangles are low volumes. I’m putting that one on my list!



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