Free Motion Quilting – The Bohippian Pillow

Today’s post is part of a series called Free Motion Quilting.  Find all posts in this series here.

This series assumes you are already know how to free motion quilt, but are just interested in learning about different designs.  If you are brand new to FMQ and need to learn the basics, consider the Finish It class.

Since the last time I posted a free motion quilting tutorial, I’ve changed machines. I am now using a Bernina Q20, which is technically a longarm machine… BUT I don’t have it on a frame, so it’s basically the same thing as quilting on a domestic. The only difference is I have A TON of space to work and I don’t have to drop any feed dogs.

If you’ve never free motion quilted before, brush up on some basic skills first with this video.

If you are looking for some of my other FMQ videos, you’ll find them here.


What we are quilting

I’m quilting my Bohippian quilt pillow. The pattern for the pillow is a part of the Bohippian quilt pattern.

Today, I’m going to show you how to quilt:

  • Using ruler work – This is just straight lines mostly in the ditch, but also a little on the round 2 hexies. I’m using this FMQ ruler.
  • Elongated curls
  • Loops



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  1. Absolutely beautiful, especially after washing. You’re soo talented! Don’t worry about being perfect, you’re not a machine. It’s far more interesting to have a variety of swirl sizes and shapes than to have them all be identical.

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