Sassy Granny Quilt Along – Week 6

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Today kicks off week 6! Our very last week! I’m sad to see this quilt along end, but excited to have completed another quilt from A Life With Quilts. I hope I’ll see you in August for Hello Posy!

REMINDER: Don’t forget that we have two different longarmers offering discount codes for services for longarm quilting. I know there are many of you who can’t/won’t finish your quilt and need some help getting it done. Take advantage of these offers to get your Sassy Granny all quilted up. Find these details in the “discounts” section below!

Fabrics I’m Using:



This Week’s Task

Our task this week is to sew all our blocks together and walk away with a finished quilt top.

Tools from video

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  • Do keep your blocks in order! I got one of my rows sewn on in the wrong direction and it made my blocks NOT alternate. UGH! Not a terrible biggie, but I was being mindful and it still happened to me. Find a way to keep things straight!
  • Take a gazillion pictures of your finished quilt top. You worked hard and you should feel the sense of accomplishment! Be proud of yourself.
  • Don’t worry about some of the inconsistencies that you might find! Nobody notices any of it but you. WOULD YOU have noticed that I had a row sewn on backwards if I hadn’t of mentioned it? When I make mistakes, I AM MENTIONING it not to point out all of my mistakes and groan (although venting does sometimes help), but so you know that even someone who has been quilting for 12 years STILL has those pesky little flaws and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.


TWO discounts on longarm services!

Brown Eyed Quilter is offering 20% off quilting (quilting service only) for any Sassy Granny quilt. Use the coupon code SASSYGRANNYQAL when filling out your form on her site. Offer expires August 1, 2022.

Quilty Lab Creations is offering 15% off quilting (quilting service only) for any Sassy Granny quilt. Use the coupon code SASSYGRANNYQAL when filling out your form on her site. Offer expires August 1, 2022.


I just want to send out a big thank you to all of our sponsors:

I’d love it if you could give them a shoutout on social media or just say thank you for sponsoring the Sassy Granny quilt along. When you reach out to them it really helps me get sponsors and prizes for my quilt alongs. They are all small business with real and lovely people behind them, and they have been SO GENEROUS to us!

Omigosh, I can’t wait to quilt this and snuggle under it. Just looking at this color palette makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

Thank you for joining in and making Sassy Granny with me! I love and appreciate you all so much and look forward to doing this again with you in August!


  • Jen‘s quilt with the essex linen is AMAZING!
  • Love Lara‘s fun Halloween version of Sassy Granny!
  • I love the florals in Connie‘s blocks.
  • Ashley‘s gorgeous green background is BEAUTIFUL!
  • The background Donna is using is making me ready for fall and everything toasty brown.

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