Quilt Reveal – Moon Goddess #3 – The Golden Bronze and Blue one


I’m done! This one feels really good to have finished. And I’m pretty pleased with it too.

I wish you could hear me berating myself during quilting only to be so pleased when I pull it from the dryer. Do you do this too? Why do we do that? I’m going to make an effort to stop that.

Find all my Moon Goddess quilts here. Pattern available here.






This one is going to my step daughter who is pregnant and due this November.  I mentioned in my progress post that I wanted to pair down all the fabrics.  I wrote the Moon Goddess pattern to make a very scrappy looking quilt.  I write many of my patterns this way.  For this version of the quilt though, I wanted to make it a bit more modern and use just a handful of fabrics.  I used 7 fabrics in this one, including the background.

I made all the blocks exactly the same.  This naturally makes the quilt look even more modern.





The pattern is fat quarter friendly and has cutting diagrams to help you make the most of your fat quarter and get all of your pieces cut.  It uses a really large amount of fat quarters.  While making this quilt, I skipped all of that, fat quarter requirements, diagrams, all of that, and went straight to the block making pages.  There’s two blocks in this quilt repeated over and over.

Underneath the block diagrams, the pattern tells you all the pieces you need for the block.  This is where I started my cutting and I cut all of my pieces in the same fabrics.  I did make the A fabric two different fabrics instead of just the one as instructed in the pattern (animal in center, stripes in diagram of Goddess block).  In the Moon blocks, it calls for 4 fabrics, but I only used 3.

I’ve gotten many questions about all of this since the progress post, so I wanted to mention it here.





The quilting looks pretty simple, but I decided to try out a ruler. I LOVE the effect, but this added so much “extra” to the workload. I have no doubt I’ll be doing this a lot more in my future.  When I get a bit better at it, I’ll do a little video here and show you.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it with my domestic machine, but it’s very do-able and you don’t need to be an octopus to pull it off surprisingly, which I worried was the case.

The purpose of adding the ruler is so that I can echo straight lines around some of my piecework  I like the echoing because it makes some of the shapes pop.

In the Moon blocks, I did a pattern I’m calling water currents.  I’ll show it to you soon.  Surprisingly VERY easy to pull off.



Quilt Details:

PatternMoon Goddess

Size – 48×64″ (this is not a size in the pattern, but since the quilt was for a baby…I made only 12 blocks)

Top Fabrics

Backing Fabrics – Speckled in Icebox and Labyrinthe in Dawn

BindingPromenade Mint

BattingWarm & Natural

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter in champagne for quilting

Finishing Techniquesfree motion quilting, and chunky stitch binding

Quilt Label – Label is 6″ square folded diagonally and written on with fabric marker

Skill Level – Intermediate






Get a personalized quilt label for your quilt.


Get the Label




I’m hoping to have a post up in a bit about half rectangle triangles on Friday.  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about them and seems like I’ve mentioned this already.  🙂  I just didn’t want you to think I’ve forgotten.




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  1. I love scrappy quilts, I really do. That said, the first thing I noticed about this one is that it feels restful, perfect for a new little one. I’m also thinking I might take this approach for an adult I know that is finding relaxing a challenge these days. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

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