The Ruby Beatrice Quilt Pattern


I just finished the top for my second Ruby Beatrice quilt.  See the first one here.  Today the pattern releases for this quilt.  Woohoo!  If you are interested in purchasing it, you can do so here.

On a tiny side note before we jump into today’s pictures and details, I’ve moved all of my patterns to Meander + Make.  They can still be purchased through my blog if you click a link to do so in any of my past posts, but from this day forward I’ll be linking to the Meander + Make site for my patterns.  It’s set up a bit better for digital products and hopefully no more emails going into spam folders and links expiring after 72 hours.  The spam and expiring links has been a bit stressful for me and I’m hoping this change will alleviate some of that stress.  This should also make it easier on you as well.  You receive your pattern at checkout on the new site.  Thank you so very much for being so supportive with my patterns.   It means a great deal to me.

Let’s see the new quilt, shall we?


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The Nitty Gritty

Sizes – Comes in five different sizes.  Crib – 36×48″, Lap 60×60″, Large Throw 60×72″, Twin 72×84″ and Queen 84×96″.

Techniques Used – How to add half rectangle triangles to squares and trim them to size

Tutorials – There is a video tutorial for how to make the block

Skill level – Intermediate, because this quilt requires quite a bit of thought, particularly if you plan on using directional prints

Time Involved – I don’t feel this is a super slow quilt, but with each block getting trimmed to size, that part tends to be a little tedious.

Supplies – You only need basic supplies to make this pattern.  It’s easiest to trim down with a 6.5″ square ruler, but any ruler with that measurement will do.  I prefer this one.

Coloring page – Comes with a coloring page with diagrams of all 5 different quilt sizes

Click the aqua button below the video to purchase the pattern.


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Get a personalized Ruby Beatrice quilt along label for your quilt.


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I’m still loving the two tone background in this quilt, but I will say that this latest quilt I’ve made, I kinda wished I’d chosen a darker, more dramatic fabric like I did with my first Ruby Beatrice.  I still like it, but it’s not as striking as the original.  The block shown above will be the secondary background for my third version.  So that one is going to be VERY bold.

This is a pretty straight forward quilt pattern until you throw in directional prints.  I’ve included a page in the pattern just for those kind of prints to help you out.  It was one of the things that my testers asked for.

My main advice for this pattern would be to encourage you to read through it first.  It’s an intermediate pattern for a reason.  The two backgrounds can be confusing until you see that there are three different versions of the blocks and understand how they come together.



I am very excited to make a third version of this quilt.  I love it so very much!




The quilt pictured above was made by my grandmother, Ruby Beatrice Steapleton.  I’ve been staring at this quilt for over a year, and while this new pattern doesn’t look very much like her quilt, it was inspired by it.  This is one of the softest quilts I’ve ever held.  It’s still in decent condition besides one section of the edge.  It’s a favorite of mine.  I just love it so much.  It lives at the foot of my bed, so its getting lots of love and snuggles from me on the daily.

It’s funny, but I don’t think my grandmother would have been pleased with me having this quilt out and about.  She kept them in a closet on the top shelf.  We both loved the quilts, but in very different ways.

She always told me that she liked to do the piecing on her quilts, but would take them to her own momma when the tops were done.  Her mother had a handmade quilt stand that they would drape the quilts over and sit there with needle and thread in hand quilting them.  The quilting stitches in this one are soft, spread out and a bit uneven.  I can’t help running my hands over them thinking of my great grandmother on her porch making the tiny stitches with my grandmother watching on.


What My Testers Made

I had a really great group of testers for this one.  You can see their quilts here on Instagram.  We ended up changing a lot of the pattern based on their recommendations.  It’s been slimmed down to make it much easier for you, along with quite a bit of additional information that wasn’t in it at first.  I’m very pleased!  I’d like to give each of them a big hug and a huge thank you.  Getting a good pattern out would not be possible without their help.

Check out the #rubybeatricequilt to see all the colors they chose and the different fabrics used.  Seeing a quilt in many different styles is a good way to get inspiration for your own quilt.


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This one is heading to Cindy to longarm for me.  I cannot wait for her to receive it, so we can decide on what quilting design I should use.  What do you think?  What would you use?  I’ll show you that soon.

If you decide to purchase the Ruby Beatrice quilt pattern, you can do so here.  Thank you so much for always being so supportive and generous with your time and love of quilting.



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  1. I just finished reading through the Ruby Beatrice pattern and am quite anxious to get started. My quilt will be a Christmas gift for a couple I love. They have 2 sons which makes the 4-point star block perfect! Even though I’m a newbie quilter, I feel confident about making the blocks after watching your wonderful video tutorial! Thank you, Melanie.

  2. Just purchased the pattern!!! Can you share the names of some of the fabrics you used in this recent version. Loving so many of your choices.

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