Bad Girl Quilt Along – Week 3 – Make Five More Stars


Well, I hope you are enjoying yourself.  I certainly am.  I’ve also learned a secret that I’m going to share with you (because we all know that I cannot keep secrets).  You know that fabric that you have in your stash.  You know the ones.  The one that you never use because it’s so precious and no quilt you work on could ever be worth that special fabric.  I’ve got that fabric too.  All of the fussy cuts you are seeing in my blocks are my special fabric, my hoarded fabric, my I’ll just keep saving it fabric.  I broke down and cut into them.  And guess what?  I lived to tell about it.  They have put a pep in my step that wasn’t there before, and I am just loving seeing this fabric in the center of my Andromeda Stars.

Now I’m not saying I’m not going to continue hoarding the rest of it, because you and I both know that I am, but still.  I’ll be braver next time.  Find your own Heather Ross faves here.

So what’s your hoarded fabric?  What are you keeping away and only bringing out to pet and sigh lovingly at?  Leave me a comment below and let me know.


This Week’s Sponsor

This week Coats + Clark is giving away a 12 piece assortment of Quilt+ thread.  I almost always use this as my quilting thread.  It’s a fave around here.  There will be one very happy winner!

To enter to win, post your progress on Instagram using the #badgirlqa and tagging me. You must be following me and @makeitcoats. You can enter as many times as you like.

I’ll be announcing the winner this evening.

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This Week’s Task

Just like last week we are tackling five more Andromeda Stars.  I know these are slowly made blocks, and I’ve been hearing that sentiment from you quite a bit this week.  Still worth it to me!  That’s an eye popping star if I do say so myself.  Don’t try to do all the blocks in one day.  Spread them out and enjoy yourself.  You GET to make Andromeda Stars, you don’t have to (my friend Nicole taught me that).  🙂

So many of you also emailed to encourage me to design a ruler for the half square triangle.  What was weird is that the idea had never crossed my mind before.  After all the HRTs I’ve made this year too.  Anyway, I did design one and I’m working on finding somebody to manufacturer it for me.  If I do end up getting this adventure to work out, I intend to put out a serious amount of HRT quilts.  Fingers crossed.

Back to the stars…. I mentioned last week that if you needed help to ask and you did!  Lots of you!  I was so pleased to find this community so welcoming and encouraging.  One of the main issues some were having trouble with is getting the points lined up. I listed several tips in last week’s post.  My number one tip though is the starch.  It’s always a game changer for me.  My second tip would be if that point not lining up bothers you, seam rip it out (or cut it out with these fancy stitch snippers), and if you can live with it, then live with it and let it go.  Those are the exact words I live by.  Check out my points, not many are perfectly perfect in every way.



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  1. I really don’t have any fabric special enough to hoard yet. I do have some polka dot fabric I’m saving to make a quilt when I get enough varieties. I know my next “badgirl” quilt will have some fussy cut center squares but I need to buy some cute fabric. I find these stars come together pretty quick once you get your HRTs sewn and measured.

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