Bad Girl Quilt Along – Week 6 – Quarter Dresden Plates


Just when you think you couldn’t squeal more, we begin the Dresden making!!!!  I have a DEEP love for Dresden plates.  I’m totally obsessed with them.  I’m sure you’ve seen all of my A Dresden Quilts that I’ve made and I’ve got my mind made up to make another one very soon.

I cannot wait to see all of YOUR quarter Dresdens.  They make the prettiest pictures!  I’m clapping my hands and jumping up and down.  It’s enthusiasm to the max over here!  Let’s get to it!


This Week’s Sponsor

This week’s sponsor is once more Coats + Clark.  I know I go on and on about their threads, but I really do love them so much.  This evening we are giving away a 32-piece assortment of their Dual Duty XP All Purpose thread in a sweet little wooden box.  I’m planning on being totally jealous of this week’s winner!

To enter to win, post your progress on Instagram using the #badgirlqa and tagging me. You must be following me and @makeitcoats to win. You can enter as many times as you like.

I’ll be announcing the winner this evening.

Can’t wait and must have one for yourself?  Find it here.



This Week’s Task

This week we are making 30 quarter Dresdens.  A quarter Dresden has 5 blades on it, so we’ve got some work ahead of us this week.  Chain piecing is the key this round to get things done!

Here’s how I did mine:

  1. Fold and sew all blades by chain piecing.
  2. Turn all blades inside out.
  3. Use a blunt object to make all blade’s points pop out.
  4. Press all blades.
  5. Remove 30 blades and put to side.
  6. Sew the rest of the blades into pairs and then sew two pairs together so that you’ll have sets of four.
  7. Next, take the 30 you set aside and sew one each to your 4-blade units.
  8. And finally, press all your seams to one side.

Boom, boom, bing, done!  Chain piecing and pretty much doing everything in batches that way really helps me to speed things up.

If you need any extra help, be sure to check out my Dresden Making page.  There’s a bunch of video tutorials there.




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