Block Building Basics – How to Make a 4-patch

Today’s post is part of a series called Quilt Block Building Basics.  There are no measurements included in these posts, but those should be found in the pattern you are following.

Consider this a helpful visual and companion for any of my quilt patterns.  Sometimes you just need to see it to understand it.  

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I’m a fan of the humble 4-patch.  I like the way you can change its position to get it to do different things.  In my Bad Girl quilt, it “chains” all the star blocks together, but it can do many things and can add really cool features as a unit in your quilt blocks.


  • Duh!  My favorite tip:  Starch your fabrics before you cut them (it really helps!).  Here’s my starch recipe.
  • Nest your middle seam to get your points to be all that.
  • Press the middle seam open.  Just dooooo it!  It will make the unit flatter and just all around better.  It really doesn’t take too much longer  to do and your longarmer will thank you.
  • You are awesome even if you don’t follow a single of my tips.  🙂  Be you always!




Tools Used in Video


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  1. Hello Melanie, Thank You again for more great tips! I love the 4 patch and the starch recipe and I just may have to get my self one of those woolen ironing pads! I always love seeing your beautiful quilt creations. You are so inspiring. I bought the collection of 3 patterns. I am looking forward to making them with some of my many fabric scraps. Thank you for being here and for all that you share.


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