Anthologie Quilt Along – #3 – La Fleur


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I love the La Fleur block. I’ve made this block many times and I think it’s the size and striking-ness that makes me love it so much. Also, it’s a perfect throw pillow size. Anyway, that’s what we are doing this round, making one single block! Are you ready?!


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Our Task

So one single block this week: La Fleur. This should give you some time to catch up if you need to or maybe work ahead a little if you’d like. This is an easier block and I think it’s a fun one to make. I just love pairing up fabrics for it.

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Well, I’m thinking I might end up remaking my La Fleur block. As much as I love it, I’m not sure it’s going to flow with the rest of the quilt. I think I shouldn’t have put those two dark colors together, maybe? I’ll hold off and see. I might could repeat the same thing in other places of the quilt to bring balance, but I don’t know. Time will tell.


Don’t forget to post your progress on Instagram and use the #anthologieqa to be eligible for prizes.  I’m so excited to see what you do, so give me a tag too. I just love gushing over your creations.  Have a good rest of your week.  I’ll see you in two weeks!


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