Announcing the Anthologie Quilt Along


Hi!  You know how overly enthusiastic I can be, and today as I announce the Anthologie quilt along, I am positively jumping up and down.

We are going to have a quilt along!

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Anthologie quilt is a sampler, heavy on the applique.  The pattern is all raw edge applique to move things alongs since it’s such a BIG pattern, but as always, be you and that includes any kind of applique you want to use or swap to.

The quilt measures 70×85″.  It’s DIFFERENT than the original version.  Not by much, but blocks have changed, been adjusted, redesigned.  I’ve gotten better at writing patterns since 2017 when I first wrote this one, so I’ve rewritten this one with better sizing and easier to work with rulers you probably already have.

As always with my patterns, video tutorials are included to help you if you get stuck.

Pattern is available here, or it will be. The paper version is available for preorder. PLEASE don’t purchase in addition to fabric or notions as a preorder or you’ll be waiting for your whole order until September.  Purchase separately until it releases.


We should begin in September.  Exact dates are not written in stone yet, but September is when I’m projecting.  I’m announcing now so you can prepare and collect fabric and ideas.  Pattern should release in August barring any unforeseeable events.


There will be a newsletter that goes out every other week to keep in touch.  There will also be a blog post up right here.  If you’ve joined in my other quilt alongs, expect the usual routine.



More Details

I’ve written this pattern to be built for quilt alongs. Within the pattern is a self guided quilt along, including posts for each section. The purpose of this is so you can go at your own pace and jump in at a later date long after our group quilt along is over. There’s also a video of me making each section as well, not a tutorial, but more of sewing together style video.  These will all release on the blog in the days leading up to the pattern release.

This is the first time I’ve written a pattern this way. I’ll be interested to get your feedback on it.

Just so you know, the sewing together videos are of the Anthologie quilt I’m making now.  This September when the quilt along starts I’ll be making another version with you.


I will be making up bundles over at Meander + Make as I always do as we get closer to the release, but there is lots of places in this quilt that can be great for larger pieces, fussy cuts, embroidery pieces, doilies, and anything you might find in your stash or in your home. So this is a gentle nudge to start thinking about this and collecting.

Let me show you what I mean….



The above is a pic of Inspiration Collage. It’s the first section of the quilt pattern. We’ll be collaging fabrics. The sky’s the limit for ideas!

My butterflies were pillows I bought here. And then I collaged flowers cut from fabric around them.

Here’s a list of other supplies that can be helpful to you, but are not required:

Fabric requirements will come soon.

What’s happening now

I’m currently pre-testing the pattern, in a week or two, I’ll be sending it out to my testers. I expect to release the pattern in August sometime.

You can see more of this quilt at #anthologiequilt.

I’ll release the new quilt diagram soon.

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  1. Will there be special pricing to upgrade from the old pattern or was the old pattern always free? It’s been awhile and I’m not sure how I downloaded it. I cannot find a receipt, which I would pretty much keep forever, but I’d had a PC disaster between then and now.
    Thanks for your time 🙂

  2. This is going to be such a fun quilt along!! Sorting through my stash to find fabrics I want to use in preparation!

  3. I did your Anthologie quilt the first time. Totally enjoyed the process. It is one of my favorite quilts. I especially enjoyed the making the dresdens. Got a little carried away with them on my qult. You did a great job, Melanie!

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