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I’m hoping this post will answer a lot of the questions I’ve been getting.  If I’ve missed something, kindly let me know.  This post will cover some of the details about the quilt and about the quilt along.  It will NOT cover fabric requirements.  The pattern is still with my testers and I’m waiting for them to be completed before releasing those details.  You can see their work so far here.

There is a coloring sheet at the bottom of this post if you’d like to go ahead and start planning.



Today I’m showing you the redesign for the Anthologie quilt and discussing details for the quilt along.

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About the Pattern

Anthologie quilt is a 70×85″ sampler quilt, heavy on the applique.  The pattern is all raw edge applique to move things alongs since it’s such a BIG pattern, but as always, be you and that includes any kind of applique you want to use or swap to.  I’ve been beefing up the video tutorials on this site.  Most of them are free, but there are some block video tutorials that will be exclusive to the pattern.  I’ll list them below.

The pattern is available here. The PDF version will be available on August 26.  The paper version is available for preorder.   It is currently 20% off and will be until a week or so before the pattern releases.  The week it releases, all of my patterns, including Anthologie, will be 10% off.  There’s an incentive to preorder because it really helps me when I can order the patterns in bulk.

However, if you have preordered and want to add a bundle or a ruler to your order prior to the pattern releasing, but don’t want to pay additional shipping, EMAIL ME (read: Email.  Not message me on IG or leave a comment here or leave a comment on your order.  Sometimes I don’t see those in time), and I’ll happily combine your orders and refund any shipping fees.  Bundles for this quilt will probably release a few days to a week prior to pattern releasing.

Pattern releases August 26.

Skill Level

The pattern is an intermediate pattern, but there are video tutorials for every step of the way.  I think a confident beginner could put this together just fine, however, you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed during a few of the sections and we don’t ever want to make a beginner get so overwhelmed that they give up, which is why this has been labeled an intermediate pattern.  There are a lot of Dresdens!  And being a sampler with a lot of applique, you’ll find yourself using or learning a whole bunch of skills.  This is a fun quilt to make and I want to encourage you, definitely not discourage you!  Just keep in mind that it’s not a quilt you could finish in a weekend or probably even a week (unless you are lightning, and I know some of you are. Wink!).

In this pattern you will use the following skills:

Cool things about the pattern

  • The pattern features two deep dives:  Applique and Dresden plates.  You’ll learn three different types of raw edge applique.  Use the one you like the best.  In the Dresden section, you’ll learn how to put a Dresden plate together, all my tips and favorite notions to use as well.  There are three different methods of adding your center/face to your Dresden.  Choose the one you prefer or the one you have the time for.
  • The pattern is very unique to you.  In Inspiration Collage (the very bottom of the quilt), you’ll choose what you want to applique there.  It can be ANYTHING!  You’ll also choose the method you want to use for applique throughout the quilt.
  • I really enjoyed the flip flopping back and forth between piecework and handwork while making Anthologie.  It’s also something I enjoy about sampler quilts.  There’s always something new!
  • A new feature that I added to the pattern is the self guided quilt along.  At the bottom of each section, there is a link that will take you to what I’m calling “working on Anthologie”.  It’s meant to feel like we are working on the quilt together and hopefully inspire you.  In the video, you’ll watch me make each section.  There’s a lot of rambling.  You’ll watch me choose fabrics often and I go into what I’m thinking as I do.  If you are a beginner or even a newer quilter, I think you’ll pick up a lot of tips or at least I hope you will.  Some of them are long.  Let me reiterate the rambling.  Haha!  I’m looking for feedback on this so that I know if it’s something I should or should not do in the future.  It took up a lot of my time this summer.  🙂


You probably have most of these supplies already.  If you don’t, use the term “need” loosely.  You could get away with not needing these supplies.  I know times are tight and I don’t want to discourage you from making this quilt because of this supply list.  I’m adding this list because I know some people will want to get these items.  These are the items you’ll see me using in the video tutorials and the items we go into detail about in the pattern.  I’ll put out beside each item what it’s for and you can decide if you actually need it.

  • Dresden ruler – There are 8 Dresden plates in this quilt, but I do provide templates in case you don’t have one.  I’ll be honest though and tell you that if you buy nothing else, get this.  It’s SO much easier with the ruler.
  • Triangle Square Up ruler – This is what I use to make HSTs, you may have a different method for making them and you may not need this.
  • Fussy cut rulers – These are for fun, definitely not needed, but can be useful.
  • 6.5″ square up ruler – There is one section of the quilt with blocks we have to trim down, but you can also do this with any square ruler 6.5″ or larger.
  • Microquilter thread – This is what I use for machine and hand applique because it’s a 100 wt. thread that hides nicely.
  • Pearl cotton #8 – This is if you want to add any embroidery embellishments, like the stem on Crazy Plant Lady or like my Dresden faces.
  • Sashiko needle – This is the needle I use with the the pearl cotton.  If you are not adding embroidery, you do not need this needle.
  • An applique method – The only methods that call for you to buy a tool that the pattern discusses are:  Interfacing, Heat n Bond adhesive, or Charlotte’s Web.

Fabric requirements will come soon.  There will be foreground bundles coming soon.  I always keep background bundles available here.  Everything you might could need for the quilt can be found in one place right here.




About the Quilt Along

The quilt along begins September 23.  Posts will come out right here on this site every two weeks after that.  There are 11 sections.  If you are signed up for the quilt along, you’ll receive an email prompting you on the week’s task, tips and encouragement.


  • Round #1 – September 23 – Inspiration Collage
  • Round #2 – October 7 – 9-Patch Blocks
  • Round #3 – October 21 – La Fleur
  • Round #4 – November 4 – Flying Geese
  • Round #5 – November 18 – Attic Windows
  • Round #6 – December 2 – Dresden Bohemia
  • Round #7 – December 16 – Sassy Grannies
  • Round #8 – December 30 – Mod Tulips
  • Round #9 – January 13 – Arrowheads
  • Round #10 – January 27 – Half Square Triangles
  • Round #11 – February 2 – Crazy Plant Lady


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  • Giveaways are open to everyone from any country.
  • Post a photo or photos using the hashtag #AnthologieQA on Instagram (Note the spelling, I’ve noticed that it gets misspelled quite a bit).  Every post is an entry, and the more you post the better your odds.
  • You must be following me and @meanderandmake.
  • You do not have to be caught up to win the weekly prizes.  You just need to show progress.
  • If you do not spell the hashtag correctly, I won’t see your post and you would not be entered, so double check that it’s correct.
  • If your instagram account is set to private, I won’t see your post and you will not be entered.  Consider changing your account to public during the quilt along or setting up a public account that just features your quilting (it doesn’t have to have personal info on it).
  • Winners will be announced every Tuesday before the post on Instagram.  For example, our first post is on Wednesday the 23rd, the winner will be chosen on Tuesday the 6th.
  • Please don’t post pages of the pattern in your feed.  It’s okay if it’s the very first page of the pattern or your coloring sheet or the outer booklet, but not the others.  Thank you in advance!
  • If you are chosen as a winner, please contact me via email with ANTHOLOGIE WINNER in the subject line and include your name.  You’ll need to register at Meander + Make (doesn’t take but a minute) for me to apply the credit to your account.  Once I do, you will be able to use the credit for any purchase you make.  If you don’t hear from me within a few days, email again.  It might mean I didn’t receive your email or it went into my spam folder and I haven’t found it yet.



I’m getting lots of questions about the butterflies in the Inspiration Collage of my quilt.  They were pillows that I purchased.  I cut the butterflies from the pillows.   I bought them here. And then I collaged flowers cut from fabric around them.  Look around you for inspiration.  You probably already have something to use for this particular section.  Think big, like a panel or small, like fabric you can cut from and make your own design.  You can also browse the #anthologiequilt hashtag for inspiration.  There are lots of different looks that the quilt can take on.  Remember that we already made this quilt once back in 2017, so there’s lots of other versions out there to have a look at.

Here’s a coloring sheet if you want to get started planning.



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