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I hope everyone had a lovely holiday last week! Covid definitely put a damper on everything around here, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves.

This round we will be tackling the Mod Tulips. It’s not a hard section, but it is a whole bunch of blocks, twelve to be exact. Prepare for lots and lots of chain piecing.

Let’s dive in!

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Our Task

We have twelve Mod Tulips to make which are basically quarter log cabins turned on point. They all get sewn into a column with background pieces at the top and bottom. The background pieces are different sizes, so double check your pattern and be sure you put the right piece in the right place. It matters!

I just love these blocks! I think they are adorable. It’s also a good place in the pattern to tie in all the different fabrics you’ve been using. So if there is a fabric that you don’t feel you’ve used enough, pop it into these blocks a few times and that ought to blend everything a bit better.

On your background pieces, be mindful of your choice of fabric at the top of the column. That piece ends up with Crazy Plant Lady sewn on top of it.

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Fabrics I’m Using








I might have squealed at the design wall. I’m loving this! There’s a few fabrics that I need to definitely use more of in the final sections and I’m already starting to fret about which fabric for Crazy Plant Lady in the end, but IT WILL GET THERE. I’m having fun! I really hope you are too.




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