Morning Sun Quilt #3 – Peach + Gold Version – Quilt Reveal


Today I’m showing off my latest Morning Sun quilt and I am ridiculously excited over it. It might be my very best effort, and though, I know I usually self criticise (kindly) a lot in these reveal posts, but I won’t be doing that in this one. I am in LOVE!

If you missed my “progress” post on this one, you can find it here.





I’ve probably been working on this quilt here and there for about a month now. I really want to make another and I’m hoping I get a chance to in the next few weeks. Morning Sun is a fairly simple quilt pattern and it’s surprisingly fast moving too. There’s not a lot of fuss with the exception of the Dresden plates, and since there’s not too many of those, I’d say it’s pretty un-fussy. 🙂

I’ve made this one with such subtle fabrics that you can barely tell in these pictures that I’ve used two different backgrounds. In person though, it’s a bit more obvious.

The pattern does call for two different backgrounds, and it’s written so that particular fabrics go in certain places (kinda like Para Para if you made that quilt), but of course you can always go scrappier if you prefer. My other versions of this quilt were made this same way, but instead of two backgrounds, I used scrappy backgrounds. I prefer just the two backgrounds over the scrappy look.





I really put my all into the quilting, and am feeling like the practice is finally starting to show. I’m always feeling clunky with my free motion, but with this quilt I felt much more at ease, even though I added in ruler work to the effort.

Examples of the ruler work in the above pic would be the echo quilting around the Dresden plate. The ruler work and domestic sewing machines are a bit at odds with each other, but I was pretty determined. My ruler work is NOT even close to well done, but after the quilt was washed, I could barely notice all that I was complaining about while working on it.

I haven’t talked about ruler work much in this space, but it’s in my plans. I have a few things to get off my plate and I’ll have time for those exploration posts again. Here’s the rulers I used in this quilt.





I tried some new quilting designs in this one, alternating what I did on each blade, and I echoed around all of the flying geese blocks inside and out, but then I did more ruler work on the center of them. This really made them pop more, I think. Next time, I want to do this same thing for all the other triangles used in the quilt. I quilted feathers for the sections that surround the Little Cabin blocks and in the majority of the background, I quilted swirls and elongated curls. In the outside border, I quilted one sided feathers (I did that same thing on this quilt).

Oh, I wanted to mention too that this is the first time I’ve tried bamboo batting, and I didn’t see any major differences between it and cotton during the making of this quilt. It doesn’t seem to be as warm as cotton, but the drape (which is the most important part to me) is just as great as cotton.



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Quilt Details:

PatternMorning Sun Quilt

Size – 72×72″

Top Fabrics

Backing FabricsMaybelle’s Stitches and Wild Rose Slate

BindingGrunge in Nectar

BattingPellon Bamboo

Thread – So Fine by Superior in Blizzard for piecing, Microquilter in champagne for quilting

Finishing Techniquesfree motion quilting, and ditch binding

Skill Level – Beginner




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As you may know, Morning Sun quilt was a pattern I wrote in 2017 for a quilt along I hosted in 2018. I’ve rewritten the pattern and updated it quite a bit. It’s currently being tested with about 12 quilters. I can’t wait to show you what they’ve been up to.

I’m hoping to release this pattern sometime around November 20. Sign up for my newsletter for a prompt when it does.

They’ll be more chatting about this quilt soon!




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