Attic Windows – #5 – Anthologie Quilt Along




I think the Attic Window blocks are some of the cutest in the Anthologie quilt and I’d LOVE to have a quilt just full of them. I think they could be an excellent scrap buster. This is a future goal of mine. 🙂

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Our Task

We have six Attic Window blocks to make this round. They then get sewn into groups of three. With one group horizonal and one group vertical. The horizontal group gets quite a bit of quiting building too, while the vertical group gets a bit of background added.

This one isn’t a super quick make, but it’s an enjoyable one with a lot of chain piecing.

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Fabrics I’m Using




I’m loving watching this come together! I keep stressing over my fabric choices this time way more than last time. Not sure why. Maybe because I’m using a much more limited color palette and it’s taking more of an effort to keep the balance going on. I need to add in a bit more Raw Gold I think to get things more on track. If I’m not mistaken the Dresdens are next. Squee!!


Since IG has limited hashtags her in the US, I can’t see what you are posting, so I’ll skip the community section this round. Hopefully, things will be back to normal the next time we chat about this quilt. Because of this issue, I also had to skip the giveaway yesterday too, but next round I’ll choose two winners to make up for it.

Don’t forget to post your progress on Instagram and use the #anthologieqa to be eligible for prizes. We may not be seeing them now, but when they remove the restriction, they’ll all pop back up.

Sending lots of love to you and sweet blessings for Thanksgiving.


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  1. I am loving this project, completely out of my “safe space”, but every post you send I fall more in love with it!!! I sure need low volume color help though?. You are a master?

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