Honeypie Quilt in Forget Me Not and Hope + Feathers fabrics – Quilts In Progress

I have some exciting news to share about the Honeypie Quilt pattern. There are two styles available that you might be interested in:

Multi-Star Style: This version features multiple stars and is perfect for creating a visually intricate design. It is designed to work well with fat quarters!

Single Star Option: This style features a giant star. With only four fabrics required, it’s a quick and efficient option, ideal for those who want a striking design without much time investment. You’ll be able to create a beautiful quilt in no time. Both styles have unique advantages and cater to different quilting preferences. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these patterns!

This pattern is:

  • For confident beginners
  • Skills needed: straight line sewing
  • You’ll learn how to strip piece
  • Available in PDF download and paper booklet after July 2024
  • Comes in 4 different sizes
Honeypie Quilt in Forget Me Not and Hope + Feathers fabrics – Quilt In Progress

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