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Quilt Reveal – hexagon quilt #3


A little history

The hexagon quilt goes by many names throughout history:  Honeycomb, Mosaic and sometimes Six Sided Patchwork.  It’s beginnings were random layouts without too much attempt at color or design.

The first hexagon quilt pattern was published in 1830 in The Godey’s Ladies Book according to WomenFolk.com.  It was popular because a quiltmaker could use many tiny scraps of cloth and it was soon realized that the design possibilities were endless.

By 1930, hexagon quilts had mostly ceased to be random and became patterns that we know today like “grandmother’s flower garden” or “Field of Diamonds”.

But here are two random layouts I was able to find before then.

Courtesy of Quilt Index

The quilt on the left was made in the late 1800’s and the quilt on the right was made in 1920.

I always find the quiltmakers that came before us were incredibly clever, talented ingenious women.  They figured out all of this.  Everything we do today, we do on the backs of those women.

The hexagon quilt I just finished

This week I finished the hexagon quilt that I have been working on using the half hexie piecing method.  I made the queen size.

This one is a custom order.  She chose her own colors and I just chose the fabrics.

If you are sitting on top of baskets of strip scraps at least 4.5″ wide, then I would recommend this quilt.  It is a scrapbusting dream.

For the backing, I used several prints again.  One of them is this very old out of print Amy Butler fabric.  I believe it was from her Soul Blossoms line.  I still have a whole bolt of it.

I quilted with an all over meander.

Roundup of hexagon quilts I’d like to make

This quilt is courtesy of Helen Phillips.

I love the flowers among all the white hexagons.

Modern Handcraft // Machine stitched hexagons

The above quilt is courtesy of Modern Handcraft.  I really, REALLY, want to do something similar to this one.  In fact, I’ve already cut all my pieces up.  It’s going to have a tiny twist (hopefully).

How to sew paper pieced hexagons

This one is from I’m a Ginger Monkey.  Now isn’t that stunning?  Definitely something I hope to work on one day.


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XO, Melanie


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