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Quilt Reveal – Hand Cut Heart Quilt #6

I have way too many scraps. SO. MANY. SCRAPS.

You just can’t throw them away.  Heaven forbid. But if you are not using them they pile up quicker than itty bitty kittens.

The trick is to use them quickly, but who can keep up with that?

I got a quilt order for my Hand Cut Heart quilt. You remember it?  Here and here.

I was so happy to make it. My red/ pink basket of scraps was spewing out on all sides.

And I got to dig through the low volume stash. A favorite pastime of mine.

I have a tutorial for this block here, if you are interested. Or just need to give your scrap baskets some relief as well.

On to the finished pictures….

Lookit, lookit!  I added some hand quilting.   Only my second time hand quilting. And I know, I know, I’ve got a long way to go before I’m good at it. BUT it FELT good to do it. Really good. And I might start trying to sneak some in here and there.

There were six blocks without hearts on this quilt, and each one got a hand quilted heart.

I drew it on with a disappearing marker and then traced it with my stitches.

Fabrics Used

Red and pink scraps

Pink Castle Fabrics low volume monthly club

wonderland bunnies

Quilt Details

size: 60×72″

30 blocks total measuring 12″ finished

each block is made up of 4- 6.5″ blocks.

Hearts are random sizes and shapes

layout is 5 blocks across, and 6 down

Helpful Links

Purchase a Hand Cut Heart quilt

 Block tutorial

Chart for different size quilts


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