Bundles for Para Para Quilt Along + A Video Chat + Supplies

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Scrappy Para Para Quilt made by Nicole Gendy


I am interrupting our normal Fabric Monday with some news on Para Para.  We will of course be gushing over fabrics!  How could we not?  BUT I’m also going to talk to you today about some immediate questions I received about fabric placement, supplies and a few other things.

There’s a video down below!

If you haven’t signed up for the Para Para Quilt Along, please do!  We’d love to have you join in.  There’s a link to do so just below.  🙂


Sign Up for the Para Para Quilt Along!

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All links to everything I’ve talked about in the video are just below:


See the kit page here.  There are scrappy low volume background bundles coming soon and one more foreground bundle coming too.  If you are signed up for the quilt along, you’ll get an email when those are available.

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Please let me know if you have questions or concerns.  I’m sure I’ve missed something.  When you let me know what info you are interested in, it makes it much easier for me to get you what you need.  Very soon you can expect to see the Violet Sky version of Para Para.  I almost have her done!  There will be posts all about the prizes and how you can win them in the coming weeks as well.  I’m very excited about this quilt!  It’s one of those quilts that are fun to make and there is something about a sampler quilt that is never boring.  Do join in and tell your friends!  We are going to have so much fun!





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