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This round is our very last until we have a finished quilt top. We are working on Crazy Plant Lady! You can make this round easy or you can make it more time consuming. I’m mixing the two options same way I did on my last Anthologie quilt, I will hand embroider my stems, but use the easy applique method for the leaves.

Let’s get to it!

Get the pattern here if you haven’t already.



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Get the Anthologie quilt pattern!




Our Task

There is two sections of Crazy Plant Lady. You’ll tackle the right bottom section first (shown above), and then you’ll completely put the quilt top together before beginning your second Crazy plant Lady which runs from left to right across the top of the quilt.

On mine above, I didn’t have any low volumes left to have a single background, so I sewed two smaller pieces together to make this section, make-do style.

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Fabrics I’m Using







I took this quilt with me to Lake Guntersville with me and took a few pics of it at sunset. I am absolutely thrilled to have a finished quilt top. I cannot wait to see more of your flimsies finishing up. Don’t forget to tag me @southerncharmquilts.

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Thank you so much for joining in this quilt along with me! I’ve loved seeing all the very unique versions of Anthologie!




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  1. Beautiful quilt flimsy !! I would love to see a video of how you decide to quilt it!! This is not to put any pressure on you of course, just saying. You make great instructional videos!

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