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Lately in May { goals, WIP, + what I’ve been up to }

Today is a random assortment of things I’ve been working on or doing this month.  I’m trying to make these end of the month posts a habit.  I like to reflect on what all I achieved or not achieved so that I don’t feel time has blown by and nothing has happened.  I want to remember.  Find all my Lately posts so far right here.

I feel like I’m wasting a lot of time, but if I’m outside fooling around with my plants is that really time wasted.  I’m working on changing my mindset.  Sometimes I get to the end of the day and realized my to-do list still has lots of boxes unchecked.  This is okay, but I always feel bad about it and be a bit mean to myself about what I didn’t get done.  I need to change my thinking.  If I find I’ve spent half the day digging holes in the dirt, obviously that’s what I wanted to be doing

I do think I need to learn to concentrate on one thing at a time.  That might help me out a lot!

How was your May?


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WIP List

I’m going to start listing these like I do in my journal here on my blog and try to start holding myself more accountable to what I have and haven’t done.

Morning Sun Quilt – 

Progress for this one.  Since I’m hosting this quilt along.  I am of course, easily staying on top of it.  Read latest on this quilt here.

Modern Socialites BOM

Here’s the latest block made for the block of the month.  I didn’t write a post on this for this month.  I waited until last minute to get this done and I worried about it all month.  But here it is, the biggest Dresden I’ve ever made.  You can view the last post I wrote about this BOM here.

Wandering Quilt – no work done.  All this needs is to make a back and be quilted.

Modern Priscilla Quilt – no work done.  And very irritated because I LOVE this quilt.

Trip Around the World – no work done.

Heavens to Betsy Quilt – no work done.  The irritating part about this WIP is that I have a pattern for it finished and ready to be released.  I need to get my act together.

Kantha Quilt – no work done.  I’ve got too many hand stitching projects going to work on this one right now.  Soon.

2 Weekender Bags – no work done.  If I could add a face of annoyance here I would.

Good Girl Quilt #2 – Finished and gifted.  View that quilt here.

Marcelle Medallion – 

To go into details about how much I am loving what I’m making with this quilt would not do my love justice.  Playing with Heather Ross fabrics is one of my most favorite things in the world to do.  I feel like a child and all my favorite things are surrounding me.

As I dig through my stash and figure out what to use for the fussy cutting I am enjoying pure joy.

I am up to date with this quilt along.  I’m supposed to be making flying geese during the next two weeks and am going to get to that later this week.

Grandma’s Garden Quilt – 

Since this is English paper piecing, it’s slow, but I’m making probably an average of a hexie a day, maybe a little less.  I don’t find time to do one everyday, but some days I make more than one.  I think I’m up to fourteen hexie flowers right now.  Tonight I plan on basting a bunch more and start their grouping.

Gypsy Skies – No work done and I don’t want to talk about this one.

Gage’s Quilt – Finished and gifted.  Woo hoo!  This is the one from earlier this week.  My Landslide quilt right here.  There’s a pattern coming out for it next month.  I love this quilt.

Rescue Quilt (Landslide) – This is the rescue quilt that inspired the Landslide quilt.  Find pictures of it here.  I have the backing made and batting cut.  I plan on quilting it today, hopefully.  I thought I would have done it yesterday.  Fingers crossed.  This one will be for sale.

Hand Cut Heart Quilt #7 – This is a custom quilt order from my shop.  The quilt top is completed and the backing made.  I’m planning on cutting batting today and quilting it today.

Follow Your Arrow Quilt #4 – 

This is for Emerge Circle of Do. Good Stitches.  All the blocks arrived from circle members and I’ve put the quilt top together.  Backing is made and I’m going to finish this one today.

Here’s the blocks I made for the May quilt.  It was a simple log cabin design, but without rules.  Pretty easy and fun to make.  They are off to Michigan now.

New Beginnings Quilt – This is part of a blog hop for Modern Sewcialites.  The blocks are complete.  I just need to put them altogether and finish the quilt.

Kingfisher QuiltRead about this here.  My hexie flowers are complete, just need to applique them.


Sulky.com Embroidery, Quilting & Decorative Thread

Goals Completed in May

  • I did complete my Beginner Quilter page this month.  You can find it here.  If you are brand spanking new to quilting, it’s for you.  If you find that there is something missing, please just let me know so I can add it.  It’s been a long time since I was a beginner (2008!) and there may be skills that I forgotten were hard for me in the beginning.
  • I did not make a dress for Me Made May and I’m sour about it, so don’t mention it.  😉

Goals for June

  • I wanted to have my thread post published by now, but I’m waiting on the last of the threads I’ll be testing.  I’ve got just a few more spools to work through.  They just arrived in the mail yesterday and I’ll be quilting with them today (I mentioned above all the quilts I’m quilting today).  So next week for the post!
  • Tomorrow there is a video tutorial for tying a quilt with yarn coming.  You saw the pictures from my Landslide Quilt post.  I’m excited for you to see this and hoping to inspire you to tie a quilt yourself.  It’s fun and the texture is so awesome!!

  • During my thread testing efforts, I’ve also learned a lot about needles and how they can make your experience on your sewing machine horrible or a joy.  There will be a post on needles in June.  I’m particularly smitten with these topstitch needles.
  • I’d like to finish another Landslide quilt before my pattern releases on June 19.  I need to get busy with that.
  • I’ve got a quilt along starting in the Fall and I need to have all the PDFs completed for that.  The design is finished and I’m announcing the first week of June.
  • I’d like to finish my Gypsy Skies quilt.  I don’t know why I haven’t yet.
  • I’d also love it if I could work on about four hours of sleep (joking!).  This way more can get done.

I hope your May was everything you wanted it to be and here’s to a happy June.  Thanks friends!

Don’t forget to tell me about your May in the comments!  XO


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