Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt for Rachelle – an update


This whole project has just filled me with such warmth and I keep thinking what a perfect time of year for this to fall on.

If you are lost with today’s topic, please read this post first.

I asked you to send quilt blocks for Rachelle Sheer and her family (who lost their home in the Paradise, CA fire) so that I could make them a quilt.  Your response was overwhelming.  I had no idea you’d give quite so much or that we’d end up making not one throw quilt, but a queen quilt, a toddler quilt and a crib quilt.  Rachelle has two very small boys and so now they have their own quilts as well.




I’ve made quilts before that were to be donated, but never has any project I’ve been a part of had so much gusto.  This felt more like pleasure than a chore.  You made it that way with your generosity, your precious kind words, and your sweet little packages to me.  Plus, so many of you donated items/services that made this job a thousand times easier for me to complete.

Thank you.  Thank you a thousand times.  I couldn’t do this without you.  I am moved beyond my words and my heart is full of gratitude.

Let’s get to the details though, shall we?


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I received a total of 68 blocks from 37 quilters.  I made three quilts with it.

The queen size quilt which is meant for Rachelle and her husband measures 84×96″.  It features 56 blocks.   I used 52 of your star blocks and then added 4 background squares which I didn’t even have to cut because one of you supplied all the background squares for me.  The backing for this quilt was supplied by Nicole McClelland.  She sent in a lovely Tula Pink wideback fabric for me to use which cut down on piecing work for the back of the quilt.  Hobbs sent me the batting.

The second quilt was for Rachelle’s oldest son.  I’m not sure exactly of his age, but he looks 2 or 3 years old.  I made him a toddler size quilt that measures 48×60″.  It features 20 blocks, 10 stars and 10 background blocks.  It will have minky dot on the back.



The third quilt is for Rachelle’s youngest son.  He’s very small, less than a year old.  He’s getting a crib quilt that measures 36×48″.  The quilt features 12 blocks, 6 stars and 6 background blocks.  It will also have minky dot for backing.



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These quilts ended up true scrappy quilts in every sense of the word.  We all used our own fabrics and our own colors, but I think they ended up very pretty.  I’m thrilled to be able to give them to Rachelle.

But that will have to wait just a bit longer.  I’ve sent them to be longarmed.  Cindy Lundy of Stitching a Life has offered to quilt all three of the quilts for me.  They should arrive to her any day now and she’s amazingly promised to get them back to me quickly.  I’m hoping for all three quilts to be in Rachelle’s hands before Christmas.  Fingers crossed!  I’ll still have to bind them.



I promise to take pictures of the finished quilts and all the sweet little packages and notes you’ve sent to me to be included with the quilts.

I know none of this will replace her home or everything that she has lost, which was everything, but I’m hoping that they will keep them warm at night and hopefully make her smile.

If you are looking for the pattern for Little Miss Sawtooth for your own purposes, you’ll find it here.

PS.  Don’t mind the leaves in the pictures.  We’ve raked them up twice this year already and they keep falling as always. We’ll get there.  🙂


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  1. What beautiful, loving hugs from quilters all over. I hope Rachelle and her family know how so many more people care about what happened to them and are praying for them then were able to make blocks. Please do keep us updated on their resettlement and if there is anything else we can do for them.

  2. Thank You Melanie for this update. What a beautiful job you did piecing these blocks all together and making 3 quilts out of them. You are amazing! I imagine Rachel and her family are enjoying them by now. What a wonderful project and gift. Thank You for inviting us to help and for making it happen. Happy New Year!

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